Due to the corona 19 – the following is the updated parking garage schedule, this schedule is being made to help reduce the spread of the corona 19 virus.and maintain the safety of our staff and customers.

For additional information please email info@parkitny.com

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Bienvedio, LLC (Sage) - 1295 Jeromeopen 24/7Bien (Sage) - 1295 Jerome
Castle Parkingopen 24/72846 Webster
Home Hospital Parkingopen 24/72621 Aqueduct Ave
Bruckner Parking LLCopen 24/725 Bruckner Blvd
AP Schermerhorn Management LLCTBD200 Schermerhorn
Atlantic Garage Management LLCTBD238 Atlantic Ave
Liam Garage LLC6AM-10PM65 West 15th
Tori Operating Corp.open 24/7241 W. 26th St.
249 Parking Corp.TBD249 10th Avenue
West 30th garage llcTBD363 West 30th
Will be Parking LLCMon-Fri 6AM-10PM
Sat-Sun 7AM-8PM
318 E. 15th St.
Park 24 LLC6AM-10PM200 East 24th Street
211 Garage Corp.open 24/7211 E. 18th St.
W155 ParkingMon-Fri 7AM-7PM
Sat 7AM-1PM
Sun - closed
400 West 155 Street
Park FDB6AM-10PM2280 Fredrick Douglas Blvd1481 5th Avenue / NORTH SIDE 119 STREET BETWEEN 5TH AND MADSION
AP 127th management llc6AM-10PM311 West 127th
181 Parking corp.open 24/7506 West 181st Street
162 Parking OPSopen 24/7528 West 162 Streer
Oliantha Operatingopen 24/7102 West 107th Street
185th operating llcopen 24/7673 West 184th/185th
AP saint nicholas management llcopen 24/7673 Saint Nicholas
Harl ParkTBD1481 5th Avenue
Park 108 LLCMon-Fri 7AM-11PM
Sat-Sun 7AM-7PM
234 West 108th Street
Area Garageopen 24/7275 Delancey St.
301 parking Corp.6AM-10PM301 E. 64th St.
East 65th garage llc6AM-10PM360 East 65th
East 54th operating llc6AM-10PM245 East 54th/55th
Helen Garage LLC6AM-10PM326 East 48th/49th
Corinthian Garage LLC6AM-10PM345 East 37th/38th
Weekend Closed
119 E. 28th St.200 east 24th street
Cassie Garage LLCTBD488 3rd
Abbey Garage LLCTBD200 East 32nd
Lafayette Street parking LLCMon-Fri 7AM-7PM
Sat-Sun Closed
410 Lafayette St.
Zander Earage LLCCLOSED301 Elizabeth
403 Lafayette St.open 24/7403 Lafayette St.
Wooster Parkingopen 24/76 Wooster Street
AP Utopia Management LLCopen 24/7176-60 Union Turnpike
333 Rector Garage LLC6AM-10PM320 Albany
395 Park Corp. 7AM-11PM
395 Broome St.6 Wooster Street
74 Hudson St.CLOSED74 Hudson St.6 Wooster st
Icehouse parking7AM-11PM
27 N Moore / Ericson St.6 Wooster st
ROGAR LLC280 Broadway
95 worth garage LLCTBD95 Worth
KayleeGgarage LLCTBD70 Monroe
70TH Park OPS LLC6AM-10PM400 East 70th Street
AP Impala Management LLC6AM-10PM404 East 76th
Chloe Garage LLC6AM-10PM330 East 75th
East 85th Garage LLCCLOSED30 East 85th
AP Eton Management LLCCLOSED345 East 81st
9495 Parking Corp.open 24/71832 2nd Ave
WEAP PARKING6AM-10PM200 W. End Ave - 70th St.
West 87th Garage LLC6AM-10PM260 West 87th
West 81st Garage LLC6AM-10PM274 West 81st
AP Riverside Management LLCCLOSED377 West 94th
West 88th Garage LLCCLOSED207 West 88th
56-57 Holding LLCopen 24/7408 West 57th Street
30-40-60 Garage LLC6AM-10PM40 East 9th
Sat-Sun closed
25 W. 13th St.
Nice Park LLC (11th st)open 24/7310 e. 11th St.
Thompson Street Parkingopen 24/7221 Thompson St.
Elba6AM-10PM575 Washington St.